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Yo guys what are up hardcore gaming tips here and today, I’m bringing you guys, another grand theft, auto 5 video, and today I will be showing you guys where to find luxury vehicles. A lot of people have been asking me lately on my channel. Where are you finding all these sick rides man that you do your pit my rides or he’s on well, this is where I go. It is a little park area and on the side of the road, there is a parking strip and I’ll show you the location right now. So, if you’re coming from the city, it’s on this little skinny road here it’s on this roadway and it’s right at my location, so basically uh. If, if you see a vehicle you like on the side, the road goes and jack it, that’s what I usually do or there are always really nice luxury vehicles driving around this area. For instance, this lady thinks she’s hot, but she’s not let’s, go and punch her alright, like this car. This is a nice car. This is a fast expensive car and I will show you guys here today how fast this thing can go. It’S that easy, I’m in a nice car, this area, I’m telling you guys, has some of the best rides, and there is always a nice ride ready to go here. So, as you can see, as I’m going down the road nine times out of ten, it’s another luxury vehicle driving by so this area is just for the rich people, and I love this area. This is where I get most of my rides. Besides the Bugatti, you got to go to a different location for that, because I’ve never found a Bugatti there. But oh look at this there’s a Ferrari. It looks like a Ferrari up ahead. Let’S go and jack this lady’s car, as you can see just on this road, there are so many nice rides to get, and then you can just pimp them out. That’S what I do. That’S my secret! That’S my trick! If you like, this, video drop alike, feel free to subscribe, upload daily all the time and leave a comment, letting me know if you enjoyed this video or not, and also, let me know down in the comment section below what do you guys want to see? Next, on my channel I’ll see you guys next time, I’m driving a Ferrari hardcore gaming tips is out of here. Peace

Today, we’re going to talk about the best method to find an insurance provider in your local market who everyone. My name is Ryan Hanley, I’m a licensed insurance agent and the director of marketing for the Murray group insurance services, an independent insurance agency serving the greater Albany new york region and capital district, as well as the entire state of New York. And we take questions in from our clients from people on social media, from people who email us directly all the time, and we answer those questions right here. Today’S question is about finding a provider. The question was specifically word: how do I find auto insurance near me and kind of directed towards how do I find a local provider for insurance? The best way I’m going to direct you to is Google go right to Google. Google’S job is to find providers of different services based on your particular need in your general geographic area. If that’s what you’re? Looking for so whatever your home area is your town, so if you’re in Albany you would type in Albany, auto insurance and look to see who comes up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those are the absolute best options for you, but it does mean that they are Potential providers that are going to be located in your genital area you may want to weed through sometimes you’ll get national carriers or online only carriers that will find their way into those results. But if you look through you’ll be able to tell the difference between someone who is a local provider and someone who’s, not the other way is just to ask your friends a lot of times. Your friends will use local providers, so you can just ask them, and last is just kind of keep your eyes open when you’re driving back and forth to work or doing your errands on the weekends you’ll see local, independent insurance agencies on this. On a lot of the main streets everywhere in America, especially if you’re located in the state of New York, we have one of the highest densities of independent insurance agents. So if you’re driving down just about any main road in the state of New York, eventually you’re going to come across an independent agent so start with Google to get an idea of who’s in your local marketplace. Then ask some friends and just take a look around and see who’s nearby and use these as a way to kind of figure out who you want to give a call to, and I always recommend calling more than one provider for your coverage. Even if you’re calling the Murray group – but I know I’m biased, I think we’re one of the best in the state, but it’s completely okay to give multiple providers, multiple independent agents, your information and get a feel for who you work best with, I always say: choose The agent, not the carrier, because the agents going to be the person and answering your question so find someone that you enjoy doing business with and then, ultimately you can choose to place your insurance with them. So start with Google. Ask friends, take it will just look around when you’re driving and you’re going to find a great local provider for your auto insurance. My name is Ryan Hanley. If you would like a review of your auto insurance and you’re in the state of New York, you can give us a call at five one, eight, four, five, six, six, six, eight and talk to one of our licensed representatives, there’s a very good chance that It’Ll is someone who I am related to as this is a family agency, and we will do our absolute best to find you the best coverage at the most competitive rate in the market. Thank you.

Hey guys, ChrisFix here and today, I’m gonna show you how to buy a used car. If you haven’t seen the first video on how to buy a used cargo watch that now … …, because in that video I show you how to inspect a car. Without the owner around Like, if you just saw it on the side of the road with the “ for sale” sign in the window, You could find a link to that video in the description In this video right now, I’m gonna show you what question you Wanna ask the owner … …, when you give him a call on the phone, I’m gonna show you how to look up the value of the car … …. So you know what price you wanna negotiate down to and if you’re getting a good deal or not, I’m gonna show you how to check the VIN for free And also gonna go over a couple. Other tips that should be helpful when buying a used car

So let’s begin by calling the owner, Chris Hey. How is it going? I’m calling about the Jaguar. I have a couple of questions: ( Owner, Alright Great ). I know we just started, but I want a stop the call real quick because I made a mistake here When the car is on the side of a road like this. The first thing you wanna say is “ Hello. I’m calling about the car for sale, .”, You don’t want a name for a specific car, Just ask about a car for sale. That way. If the person sells used cars on the side or they’re a dealer, they are gonna respond, … “, Which one “ since they sell multiple cars.

If it’s a private owner, they won’t ask which one because they’re selling, just that car And then knowing if it’s a private owner vs. a dealer, is important because. It helps you understand, … …, why the car is being sold and it tells you if the guy selling that car does this professionally or not. Ok, so let us go back to the call ( Owner, Alright Great ) Chris. Could you tell me a little bit about the car like how many miles Does everything work in it? Chris Does it need anything ( Owner? Oh, yes,

Umm … It’s a 2004 Jaguar X-type … ) ( Owner Umm, …, All wheel drive it’s great for the snow, ) ( Owner, There’s a sunroof … Uhh, … Navigation system, …, ), ( Owner, all the luxury options that come with a Jaguar, ) ( Owner Uh … Everything seems to work well, …, ), ( Owner The car doesn’t need any work. Uhh … might need some front brakes soon. ) ( Owner My wife just used it to take the kids to school and the soccer practice… ) ( Owner …, but other than that it runs great ). Chris. Ok, could you tell me why are you selling it ( Owner? I need a bigger car. …

Umm … ) ( Owner Taking the soccer practice just, doesn’t work in this car. So I’m getting an SUV ) Chris [ laugh ], Gotcha, ( Owner Taking the soccer practice just doesn’t really work in this car. So I’m getting a SUV. ) ( Owner Taking the soccer practise just doesn’t really work in this car. So I’m getting a SUV ). Chris Gotcha, Ok, um …. Are there any “ check, engine” lights, ( Owner Uh …? No, not at all ) ( Owner. There was one uh …. While back an oxygen sensor. I had to replace and never show up ever since ) Chris, And I noticed the front bumper has a crack on it. Do you know what that’s from ( Owner Yeah last year I was parked on a street and uh..

Snowstorm uh.. Plow hit it the front. … ) ( Owner Uh … Tried to use some epoxy glue it back together. Just so it was driveable, ), ( Owner It doesn’t look great, but it works. …, um, … still together a year after ) ( Owner. I’M sure you can replace it with a … part from the junkyard …. It shouldn’t cost too much ) Chris. And how much are you asking ( Owner Uh … $ 3000 ) Chris Awesome, Ok, great Chris! Well, the souds nice …, I’m looking at it right now. Actually, in the parking lot Chris And I’m looking for a Jaguar … Chris, Could we go for a test drive sometime? Are you free this week ( Owner Uh … Not this week, but I can do it. Um …, How’s next Friday, ) Chris Yeah next Friday works, Does around three work for you: ( Owner Um, …

A little later, … ) Chris, Ok as long as we can get the test drive in before the sun goes down. ,’Cause. I wan na see the car with the sun still up Chris. So like four o’clock or something like that, ( Owner Yeah, four’ll work, fine, ), Chris, Ok great Friday at four I’ll shoot you a text in the morning Chris Thanks a lot man. What’S your name by the way: ( Owner, Frank ). Chris, Ok, Frank thanks! A lot I’m Chris and I’ll see you next week.

(, Frank, Great ), Alright, a week later we’re meeting up with the owner a little bit earlier than we talked on the phone … …, just because I need to film. But I have a couple of things that I wan na go over and wan na show. You before we meet with him, So the first thing I wan na go over is my updated check list. This is gon na help. You guys tremedously. You can download this and print it out for free with the link in the description. I’M really proud of this checklist and I think it’s a great tool, It’s what I use everytime. I look at a car. The first thing we have here are questions you could ask the owner. These are just basic of the questions that I definitely want to ask. The owner, when I meet him, But make sure that you also ask him any questions you have and you could think of Next on my checklist, I have things that you wan na bring. The first thing you wan na bring is an OBD2 scanner, something to plug in to the computer. …

…, so you can read the cars computer. You also wan na make sure that you bring one of these fridge-type magnets … … they’re weak, but for testing to see if there’s any Bondo or bodyfiller used over the bodywork Good idea to bring a flashlight. Because, if you can’t see some certain spots in the engine compartment, … …, a flashlight will help you light that up Bring a paper towel Depending what vehicle you’re. Looking at you, migth be able to check the tranmission fluid …, …, the oil, the brake fluid and the powersteering fluid And finally bring a pen so that you can check off different things on your checklist …. To make it easier to make sure you didn’t miss anything, The next thing on the list After you go see the car. Initially you get home, …

… you wan na make sure you check the value of the car. I’M gon na show you how to do that in a second. You wan na check the VIN so make sure you record the VIN number I’ll also show you ho to do that And there’s 3 VIN checks. I have the links right on the paper And you wan na write down any major problems from your reserch that the car might have

In this case, I did a bunch of reserch on Jaguar X-types to see what common problems they have … … and I listed them all in this section. So let me show you how to find the value of the car, So there are 2 different sources. I like to go off of to find the value of the car, NADA and KBB They’re just 2 different companies. I use The first thing we’ll look at is the NADA value … You plug in all the information about the car the year, the mileage, the options it has …. In this case we have a rough to average condition car And when you’re negotiating you wan na. Try to get as close to the trade-in value as you can. The trade-in value is how much a dealership is gon na give you for the car if you decide to trade it in So, in this case, if the dealership is gon na get around $ 2000, that’s what you wan na try to get it for

The trade-in value is the value that I go off of to find a good deal. If you can get it anywhere near that value, you got yourself a good deal Now. If we look at the KBB pricing, the trade-in is significantly lower than what the guy’s asking The guy is asking $ 3000 and the trade-in value is around a $ 1000. Even if you know what the value of the car should be, don’t expect somebody to drop that much … …, just because you tell them that’s what it’s worth. So from all this information, we have a good idea. We wan na be betwen $ 1000 and $ 2000 I’ll leave links to the sites in the description so that you can easily find them. …

… and check the value of the used car you’re, looking at as well. The next thing I have are 2 different sites that are free to check the VIN. You could use a paid service but realise even the paid services aren’t gon na tell you the whole story all the time. It only tells you reported problems And a lot of timest people won’t report accidents to their insurence company … …. So there’s not gon na. Be a record of that accident. So, even if you pay for the report, you won’t know for sure if there’s been an accident or not Real quick, if you don’ know where to find the VIN number there’s a VIN number located at the drivers side, … …, where the windshield meets the hood Right here I always write that down or take a picture with my phone, so I can look it up later.

You could actually search a VIN number in a Google search and sometimes you’ll be surprised at the info you might find, But I have 2 good sources that you could use that are free that’ll check the VIN. I put these link right on our sheet, so you could easly find them …, … and the first one is gon na, be NICB. You put in your VIN number and it tells you if there’s a theft record … …, and it tells you if there’s a total loss or salvage record. In this case, this Jaguar came clean. The next link is just gon na. If there’s any recalls for the vehicle ,’cause, you wan na make sure that recall. Work has been done Again, you put in your VIN, and it gives you any information about that, And one really important thing that I found out by putting in the VIN number … … is the actual year of the car. The owner says it’s a 2004, but in reality this is a 2003 Jaguar

So that changes the value of the car and how I’m gon na negotiate that value. So, even though there’s no problems or anything with the car … …, I got a valuable information about the correct year, So we haven’t even gone on a test drive yet and we got so much valuable information And the other thing I wan na say before we Go meet the owner, …, The owner is really nice, he’s letting me film …. He asked me not to include him as much as possible I’ll blur out his face. … He’s not gon na be too involved, except for the actual test, drive part, …, … and obviously meeting him and negotiating. But I told him: “, Don’t worry”, you know “, I’m gon na try to go as quick as possible. .” And the whole idea is to teach you guys what I do when I go. Look at a used car

So enough of this chit-chat, let’s go drive over there and check out the car, So I’m just waiting for the owner he’ll be here in a few minutes And one thing i wan na mention is meet in a safe location, We’re in a parking lot. You can see it’s super busy. There are tons of people, it’s a public place. … Very important, Also make sure you don’t have your money on your person. You wan na have it in your car, So put the money in the glove box so that you know if somebody tries to jump you or something … …, they don’t have any money to get And then finally don’t get emotional. That’S super important And there’s the car. Ok good! So he’s here, Don’t get emotional, Don’t think about buying the car today, … …, because 9 times out of 10 you’re gon na be walking away And the other thing is don’t be afraid to walk away.

You don’t wan na get caught up thinking “. I really need this car” or “. I really want this car .” Because then it’s a lot easier to make bad decisions and overpay, And that’s definitely not what you want So with everything that we just went over. Let’S go and say hello to the owner and check out this car Chris. How are you doing Chris (, Frank, How’s? It goin’ Frank, ), Chris Nice to meet you Frank, (, Frank Nice, to meet ) Chris, Alright, here she is Chris. So, as you know, I’m filming (, Frank, Yes ) Chris. So, as you know, I’m filming Chris – I wan na film this so that people could know how to buy a used car Chris. This might take a little while, but I’m a serious buyer. So … ( Frank, Take all the time you need ) Chris. If I could get the keys and check stuff out, that’d be great.

( Frank, Oh yeah, absolutely ) Chris. If I could get the keys and check stuff out, that’d be great Chris. Are there any other keys? Besides this one? ( Frank, No unforunately, that’s the only one ) Chris! Ok, that’s good to know Chris. Ok, let’s go check out this car So in the next video which you could easly get to by clicking on the screen or finding the link in the description. …

In that video we’re gon na go over everything, you should look at when ispecting a used car From inspecting the interior, … … checking under the hood … …, showing you how to test drive the car, .., … and then negotiating on a price And then maybe Coming home with the car, As always, Hopefully the video was helpful And if you’re not subscribed, consider subscribing And if you have any tips or tricks that I didn’t cover and you wan na share them feel free to comment below, Because that’s not only gon na help. Other viewers, … …, but it’s also gon na help me because I learn a bunch of new tips & tricks from you guys all the time.

Okay, guys, I just want to go over what to look for when you’re buying a car used off of maybe side of the road. You want a cheap vehicle for a couple grand a few things you want to keep in mind. First thing you want to do is don’t buy it at night. Take a look at it in the daylight. You want to see it in good sunlight and you want to be able to compare panels to each other to make sure that they all look uniform. If it’s been painted, first warning signs stay away, it’s either been in an accident or it’s rusty if one panels rusty most likely another panels rusty and it’s on its way out. The tires are very important if you’re spending a few grand on a vehicle, even eight grand if the tires of war you’re looking at, could possibly another eight hundred thousand for new boots. So you want to look at the tires. You want turn them all the way out one one way, and you want to run your feet your hands over and make sure that it’s wearing evenly. If it’s feathered at all where it’s cupped, it means it’s a bad alignment and that could be worn parts and you’d have to replace those suspension. Parts or again it could be in an accident, so make sure that your goods are in good shape. Underneath the hood first and foremost you can you want to check your transmission, fluid, usually a yellow handle. You want to look for nice, red fluid, that’s not low, and you want to smell it make sure that’s not burnt. You want to check your engine, oil. Make sure that it’s not low in any means and that it’s in good shape nice and clear and again doesn’t smell good oil isn’t as telltale, because there was an issue, they would have changed the oil beforehand and you can actually tell the how much you brakes Of war, but how much fluid is left in your reservoir? This is the brake fluid reservoir if your brakes are wor. That means that your Pistons are coming out farther and this reservoir will be lower if it’s full. It’S a good sign that your brakes are in good shape, but somebody could have topped up the fluid as well. So what I’m saying is low oil means that the brakes are wore when the reservoir is full. It means it could be, could have really good brakes or somebody’s topped it off. So we have to take that with a grain of salt. You want to check over belts, general condition of it. You want to check, make sure, there’s as little corrosion and rust on exhaust and aluminum parts and check your antifreeze when it’s cold make sure that there’s no oil or anything in there and it looks nice and green or pink depending on what. What’S in there now obd2 reader, you can pick these up really cheap. Now this one I paid forty five bucks for and every single car built after 99 has a overlay. The console turn your ignition on and best case. You want to look for zero diagnostic out of codes. You can read the VIN, you can read the codes and so just hit enter. It checks, your can bus, which is your computer for anything logged, and hopefully it will come up. No diagnostic trouble codes. Now that either means that the car is in good shape, they just replaced the battery or they just cleared the code so another way to see how long it’s been since they cleared. The codes is to go underneath and wait for a readiness test. Now readiness is important for a test. Every emissions monitor has to go through so many cycles before it’s so by going through there and if all of them are complete. You know that the vehicles been driven a good amount of time since the last time it that the computers been cleared. So that will also say whether your car is ready for a knee test or not, so you want to look for all these completes. Anything that’s supported, needs to be complete. Anything that’s not supported is not important. Like a heated cat does not support that. They don’t need that for a knee test. That’Ll also save you $ 30. When you go for your test, knowing that your monitors are ready, so when you’re driving it, you want to turn your fans off. I’M gon na turn the radio off. Listen for any noises. Anything that ticks or knocks, or squeaks or squawks it’s a warning sign that that’s probably gon na cost you money, don’t let the customer talk to you or whoever selling it just tell them to be quiet. You want to listen to it. You could talk when you’re outside the vehicle. Keeping these things in mind hopefully keeps you from buying something that is going to be a problem further on, but check your reviews online and see what is good about the car but realize that for every one person that says something bad about the car there’s 200, That are driving and happily that, but just not posting about it. So once you find a car that you like and that you’re interested in call a dealership and we’re sorry, don’t call dealership, call a parts store and ask if there’s any there’s been a lot of parts ordered for this particular car. Whether it’s got bad wheel, bearings bad brakes, bad transmission or anything else, and that might save you in the long run so yeah there. You go conversions and repairs to anything from Ferraris to change us and check out the tape boss, my newest invention. That’S coming to market

Rev up your engines, well we’re all trying to save money and, if you’re, looking for a good, cheap car, if that car still runs good, it could be a good car, but you need to check some serious things. First and I’ll use this 68 Mercury Cougar as an example. Now it’s sort of a classic car, though this one is in pretty rough cosmetic shape, but if they are rough, cosmetically hey, you can get them a lot cheaper. That way as long as they’re not rotted. The whole way through give them a good tap. You can see. This is still pretty solid. It’S just that the paint went off. It can be sanded down and repainted if you want, but there’s some parts that you don’t want all rotten like the frame. So you want to jack it up and check that so when you crawl under the car start looking now, this part of the frame might not look that good, but you get yourself a little hammer and hit it. It’S still real solid. That’S just some of the undercoating coming off. That’S fine, but if you would have hit it in pieces would crunch in and it was all flaking off hey, then you wouldn’t buy it. You don’t want one. With a rotten frame. Years ago I had an old customer. I’M in Texas, he bought a used Mercedes from Florida. He drove it here and then he wanted me to service it. I put my jack under there and I started to Jack the frame and the whole thing was just breaking into pieces, and I looked. The entire bottom of the frame was rotting away. The car was basically worthless and, while you’re under there check stuff like the brake lines, see if they’re all old and rotten and have welded into one piece where you might have to replace the entire brake line assembly. If anything starts leaking and before you buy any old car, do a little research about are parts still available for this thing now this cougar may be 51 years old, but check this out. I just put a brand new carburetor on it believe it or not. Since I live in a big city Houston, it took me one hour to get a brand new carburetor for this. Now, yes, the Cougar is basically the mercury version of the Mustang, so most of the parts are totally interchangeable and people always like mustangs. So you can get parts for them readily and as a small aside, if you’re thinking of buying an old classic car, you might think about a cougar. The Mustang prices are through the roof, but the Cougar is basically the same vehicle with a different body style and when it was new, it actually cost more than the Mustangs did. So if you want to say get a snazzy or old car hey, why not pick one? That’S a little bit off-brand, not quite as popular you’re gon na pay a lot less and still could have a great vehicle, but regardless of what type of car you’re buying just an old beater to get you around or a semi classic make sure that parts are Available for that model, don’t don’t go out and buy from manufacturers that don’t even exist anymore. You want to buy an old Triumph. Car, hey you’re, gon na have a lot of headaches. Getting parts fixing it up, stick to things that were extremely popular. That parts are still available for now. The next thing to do as simple as it sounds, is check the coolant. Now this is nice and green. It came with green coolant, it’s not corroded. If it’s all rusted out and gunked inside, you don’t want to buy a vehicle that has a cooling system. That’S all corroded inside generally means the engines gon na have overheating problems. Things are going to corrode and wear out so check the simple things like that and if it’s all corroded inside yeah don’t bother to buy it, because it’s probably gon na have cooling system problems if it doesn’t already have them, and the next thing is take it For a good road test, a trick, a lot of guys do is they hardly have any gas in the tank. So if you got it and it’s almost out of gas, hey put five bucks of gas in it just so, you can take it for a good test. Take it on the highway see if it’s out of control, when you drive it at high speeds or whether it goes good watch the temperature gauge when you’re on the highway, see if it overheats at highway speeds and then, when you get in town drive it around 30 mile an hour zone for 15 minutes or so see if it overheats in traffic, you don’t want to have a car that has overheating problems, you’re mainly going to be looking for big problems. Stuff like brakes brakes don’t cost that much especially today. There’S aftermarket stuff a lot of times you can get brake pads for $ 20. You can get rotors for $ 29 on a lot of vehicles. So you don’t worry about stuff like that. What you worry about is the big-ticket items, the engine and the transmission, and whether the car suspension is good, because if they’ve been wrecked a lot of times, they won’t sit right. I had a customer years ago they had bought a used car and they said hey their friend said the car looked a little weird when they were following behind him, so they brought them over here and I saw the entire vehicle. The bottom had been shoved to the right. So when you follow him, you could see that the right wheel was sticking out further and the left wheel was sticking in further. The whole thing had been shifted, so look at the car from the back and from the front and if at all possible, have friends follow you or have the friend Drive it and you follow it and see if the thing is sitting cockeyed one way or the Other because if it’s really bent you don’t want to buy a car like that, it’s gon na be more bother than it’s worth and when it comes to that demand to see the title, because it’s not just your own financial safety, you want to make sure they Actually own the car they’re selling you, but you don’t want to buy one of these cars that had been wrecked. If the title says reconditioned refurbished or salvage title yeah, it’s a good idea not even to mess with those things, because that meant they’ve been totaled by an insurance company and they total them for some pretty good reasons and sure. Once in a while, there might be a great car like that, but hey you want to play the lottery when you’re buying a car. You know millions of people lose the lottery and only one person wins check the inspection sticker if you’re buying it your using it. For transportation make sure that the sticker is current and valid, don’t believe anything anybody tells you when you’re selling the car like. Oh, it just needs this: the passed inspections or that one of the biggest reasons my customers get rid of their old junky cars is because they’re sick of spending a ton of money every year to get their car to pass the state inspections, if you’re in a State that does state inspections hey make sure it’s got a valid one, because if it doesn’t, you might be just falling into somebody else’s money pit. Another thing do is to go and check the tires these tires, even though they have mud on them, because they’ve been sitting a while, they still got a lot of tread left on them and they don’t have any bald spots or really bad marks now sure tires. Aren’T all that big of an expense, but if you see really bald tires on one part and not another, that generally shows the car has got a serious suspension problem and you’re gon na keep buying tires and they’re gon na keep wearing out too fast. So if they look good, even if the tire treads are getting a little thin as long as everything’s, even it doesn’t have a serious suspension problem now after doing a good road test. The next thing you have to realize is before you take possession of that vehicle. Make sure that your insurance company is told you’re buying it, and you have a time that the insurance is valid because years ago, a friend of mine, he bought a used car, he was driving it back and he got in a massive wreck. He ended up being sued because he had no insurance on that car while he was driving it, and even though, whose fault it was is still up in the air he drove pretty fast. So it was probably his fault, but regardless you don’t want to be driving around in a non insured car even for an hour or something you never know. What’S gon na happen, because these days with cell phones, hey, you can contact your insurance agent, you can have proof of insurance on your phone immediately once you tell them that you’re putting this car on your policy make a point of doing it before you start driving. It around I made a mistake years ago I had a customer who was thinking about buying this used Mercedes, so they brought it over here and she got in the car with me and I road tested it well. While I was road testing it, I got pulled over by the police because the sticker wasn’t valid the license plate, one of them was missing, didn’t have insurance. I had to go to court for that and it was a royal pain in the wazoo. So now you know what to do if you’re buying an old car, so you don’t get stuck with somebody else’s money pitch, because there’s plenty of old cars out there that are still running quite well, but being really old, they’re, not worth all their much money and It can be a fantastic deal, sometimes like my 94 Celica, that I paid 350 bucks for so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell.

Buying a used car will always suck because you don’t want to get ripped off and you don’t want to end up in a car that you totally regret buying. Now in this video, I’m going over the three key steps on how to buy a used car from a dealer so that you can buy one knowing that you’re getting the best value possible. If you just found this channel, I’m Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of videos on different financial topics. So if you are interested, feel free and subscribing, or at least give this video a like and now onto buying a used car. So if you’re shopping for a used car, there are definitely some advantages over buying new. To consider, I mean think about the fact that most new cars lose about 30 to 40 percent of their value in just the first five years, and when most of these cars are five years old, they’re, probably only gon na have about sixty thousand miles on them. So that is a really good deal, considering it’s 40 percent cheaper than it was when it was new. Think about it like this, would you rather buy a brand new crappy little commuter car with roll-up windows for $ 15,000, or would you rather buy a used car with 60,000 miles for the same price, with every single feature on the planet upgrades depreciate, the most on New cars, so if you want Bluetooth, leather seats and all that kind of stuff, then buying used is something to really consider and not to mention the used car is probably a lot safer too, because it was more expensive to begin with. Keep in mind that the best value for a used car is when they’re only about two to eight years old and they only have 24 to 96 thousand miles on them. This is the best time to buy a car, because it’ll be plenty reliable and the worst of the depreciation is over with now. Obviously, your budget is important here so make sure to buy a car that you can afford, but just keep in mind that its best value is gon na be before it hits ninety six thousand miles and sometimes buying a new car like a year-end. One might not be that much more expensive than a used one, so it is something to consider, but if you are open to buying a new car, then you can watch this video right here now you’ve got to understand. There are three key steps in order to get the best value in buying a used car from a dealer. You’Ve got to do a lot of research on the car. You’Ve got to get the best price for the car, and you’ve got to get the best financing for the car as well. Now, when it comes to buying a used, car research is huge because they still cost a lot of money, and the last thing you want is some random repair bill right after you buy the car you’ll want to check Edmonds, comm, TrueCar, comm and Kelley Blue Book For the best online research for car buying, these websites will help you decide which car is right for you and what you should be paying for it. The first used car I ever bought was a huge mistake, because I didn’t do enough research before I bought the car. I paid about three thousand dollars too much for that car and I found out after the fact that it was a rental car and it had been smoked in and to all you smokers out. There do not smoke in your car because the resale value will go down because of the smoking. Now, obviously, you need to research, the car safety and its resale value, but also pay attention to its repair costs and the maintenance schedule as well. Trust me, you don’t want to buy a used car, that’s right on the line to needing a bunch of repairs done and you’d be surprised at how many cars out there don’t require any maintenance until a hundred thousand miles. So keep that in mind when you’re doing your research. Cars are so advanced these days that the hundred thousand miles stigma needs to end for most of the cars out there, and also before you buy a car, make sure to call up your car insurance and find out how much more it’s gon na cost you for The new car that you’re looking into you don’t want to go, buy a car and then, after the fact, realize that your car insurance costs way more because of the car that you just bought. So just call up your insurance ahead of time so that you know how much more or less the car is gon na cost to insure. So once you’ve done your research and you know exactly which cars you want to go, look at and go check them out at a few dealerships. You’Ll want to visually inspect the car for any dings scratches stuff, like that and you’ll want to take it for a good test drive as well, and it’s a good idea. While your test driving to check what’s called the engine run time, because this is going to give you the best indicator of the type of miles that have been driven on the car, so let’s say that you’re driving a truck with only 50,000 miles on it. But it’s got an engine run time of thirty three hundred hours. All you’re gon na do is take fifty thousand and divide that by thirty three hundred, which is going to give you 15, which is how many miles per hour that car has averaged over the course of its life and in this case 15, would be a bad Indicator that the truck has been to a lot of work sites or that it’s done a lot of city driving. But let’s say that the average came back at like 30 or four miles per hour. Then that’s a lot better to me, knowing that the car has done a lot of highway and freeway miles instead of City most of the newer cars these days do log engine run time, so just pay attention if you’re looking at a newer car. Here’S just a quick look at the log, that’s currently running in my car, no matter what time of year it is make sure to check the AC and the heater just to make sure you don’t have any surprises when you actually need to use them and make Sure to check all the controls in the car and even turn up the radio to make sure that the speakers aren’t blown because trust me. This happened to me when I bought a used car and that sucked you’ll also want to hop out of the car and make sure that all the lights are working, because trust me, this is the only chance that you’re gon na be able to get the dealer To fix these types of problems, now, if it’s winter time, when you’re looking at the car you’re, not gon na, be able to tell if it’s been smoked in because it’s too cold outside, but you can at least check the ashtray for any signs of use. If it has one, I bought my used car in January, and I had no idea that the car had been smoked in until about four months later, when I was deep cleaning the car and I found a cigarette butt in the middle of it. Now that just pissed me off, because the salesman told me that the car hadn’t been smoked in which it obviously had been now once you’ve found a few cars that you’re legitimately interested in buying asked to look at the CARFAX or buy one yourself. Most dealers will already have the CARFAX available, so hopefully you don’t even have to buy it. The CARFAX will give you a really good representation of the car’s history, but keep in mind that some stuff can still squeak through the cracks. It’Ll tell you how many owners, the cars had the status of the title and it’ll even tell you how the car was registered to those owners. So if you find out that the car’s had like 10 owners, then that’s a huge red flag, because the car’s been around the block way too many times now I found out later with my used car that it was actually registered as a rental car which I’m Not down with because we all know how we treat rental cars. If I’d looked at the CARFAX like I should have, then I would have realized that it was a rental car and I would have looked into something else. I would stick with a car that had less than two owners that drove it as a personal vehicle and if it’s a lease trade-in, then this is a good thing too, because it probably implies that the car has really low miles and it’s been well-maintained. And if the car has a branded title, you’re gon na want to do a little more research on it to find out what exactly happened at the car, so that you know if it’s worth the risk and buying it now, once you’re, confident that you’re buying the Right used car asked to take it to your local McCann that you can have a few things looked at and if you’re looking into a certified pre-owned car, it’s pretty justifiable that the tests have already been checked. But it’s always a good idea to get a third party’s opinion because they’re not invested in the sale. This can cost up to a hundred bucks, but trust me it’s worth it, especially if you’re looking at a car with a lot of miles. The first thing you’ll want to have checked is your computer, because you’re gon na want to see if it has any trouble codes on it and then, after that, you’re gon na want to check. What’S called the drive cycle monitoring just to make sure that the computer hadn’t been reset to hide any problems now just check under the car for leaks and wear and tear, and then also have them check under the hood for fluids and belts and stuff like that And once again, now is the time to double-check everything, just to make sure you don’t have any surprises down the road and if the car’s got any normal repairs that it needs like tires or brakes, then definitely have the dealership pay for it, because it’s in their Best interest to still get the sale, because if the dealership has a shop, they can fix all of this stuff for chief, because it’s at their cost and normal wear and tear is gon na have to be fixed regardless, so just have them do it now, while It’S cheaper for you and at this point, if you do find any huge red flags with the car, then it was probably worth paying that hundred bucks to have it checked because nobody wants a problematic car. Now, once you’ve found the right used car, let’s cover price because that’s kind of a big deal and if you’ve made it this far, could you please give the video a like, because that will help me out a lot thanks used cars are a bit harder to Know how much the dealer paid for them, but as an average, just figure in about ten percent, but if you’re looking at a really old car, the numbers are gon na, be all over the place. So the only way to know if you’re getting a good price for a used car is by checking the websites that I listed earlier. The average price paid is a really good representation of what others have paid for the same car in that same region, but just keep in mind that demand has a lot to do with the value of the car that you’re looking at. So if you live in snowy Utah like I do then you’d understand that two wheel, drive SUVs, don’t sell very well. The four-wheel drive models is what everyone is looking for up here. So unless I go down to Vegas to buy a car, I’ve got to understand that that demand is stuck in my local area. But if you are willing to go outside your region to buy a used car, then you’re probably going to find the best deal. But it is a bit of a hassle to have to drive 400 miles. Just a test drive a few cars now once you know the average price paid in your you’re gon na want to make sure that you buy the car for less than that average understand that dealers have bills to pay too. But trust me it’s a lot better. Just to give them a quick 500 bucks, rather than three thousand dollars if they were willing to sell the car regardless. So at this point just tell the dealer that you want to pay five hundred dollars over what the low average price was paid for that car and be sure to mention any dents dings or anything that you want fixed at this point, because they’ll either fix the Problems or they’ll just charge you less for the car to have the problem solved. Now the key to negotiating is to be confident and polite because nobody wants to have to deal with an asshole and if you’ve got a timid personality, then I would highly suggest faking your confidence because you’re always gon na get screwed when you’re trying to buy a Car now, if you do, need a little more help when it comes to negotiating a car, deal check out this video right here now, once you’ve got the best price for the car, it’s time to cover financing which can really screw you, if you’re not paying attention. The financing department has even more ways to make the dealer money, so you have to be paying attention to everything that they’re doing now. As far as interest rates go, dealers can actually get you really good rates just so long as they’re, not taking a cut. Most dealerships can get you really good rates from all the big lenders, so just go ahead and use them, because it’s a lot more convenient now, financing an interest and stuff like that can get really techie. So if you need some help, just watch these videos right here so once you’ve got your financing all settled. The salesman is gon na offer. You extended warranties and stupid carpet, cleaning and stuff like that, but you’ve got to understand that all of these services are negotiable. So do not pay full price for any of them and if you are interested in any of these services, just tell the salesman confidently that you want to pay invoice for them and trust me. He’Ll probably sell it to you at cost, because it’s most likely still in his best interest to get the sale, even if he doesn’t get a commission they’re still monthly and quarterly goals that are still gon na, be worth it to him. Now, as far as fees go just understand that these are sneaky ways that the dealer can make more money, the only fees that are legitimate are taxes and license and registration. That is, it now, taxes just plain suck, but there’s no way of getting out of them. But if you have to pay sales tax on anything, then that’s how you can tell that it’s a fee because you’re never gon na have to pay tax on a tax. So if you’ve got some stupid doc fee, that’s like 300 bucks plus tax, then that’s a fee and you can get out of it. Just tell the salesman confidently that you do not want to pay it now. If the salesman tells you that the fee be removed because it has to be documented, then just have them compensate with the price of the car or your trade-in, so that you can get out of it. Just have them either lower the price of the car for 300 bucks or add three hundred dollars to your trade-in. That way, the fee is at least documented, but now you can get out of it in a different area and trust me at this point. The salesman is not gon na love you but you’re too far into the game for them to lose the sale. Now, once you’ve got everything signed and documented, then you can truly drive away, knowing that you just got the best deal on a used car possible. Now, once again, I’m Jason with the honest finance channel, if you are interested in any of this type of content, feel free to subscribe or at least give this video a like. That’S all